FORMA is a licensed architecture practice based in New York City that takes a thoughtful and rigorous approach toward design through speculative and built work. FORMA’s members combine professional activities with continuous engagement with the culture of architecture through teaching, writing, editing, exhibiting, and curating. FORMA was founded by three architects as an effort to combine and synthesize our diverse experiences, shared convictions, and collective passion.


FORMA is the basis for the studio. It embodies the desire of the partnership to participate in the actual construction of architecture in the built environment through commissioned work that require a direct engagement with clients and the close collaboration of a vast network of trades, consultants, and experts. It is of our ardent belief that built works of architecture, no matter their scale or budget, can affect people and places in a meaningful way.


Often overlooked within the discipline is the need to leverage our critical thinking and expertise to a broader range of issues—social, political, or otherwise—not driven purely by aesthetics or capital. We believe in the social potential of architecture as a means to affect change and attempt to engage work as often as we can that provide for more than single clients, but rather benefit communities of people; works of architecture should also be for the many.


Underwriting the collective interests of the studio is a diverse approach to form and form making. We feel it is one of the most fundamental aspects of what we do as architects and deserves to claim its own territory within our working method. From research and teaching to competitions and speculative works, this facet for us reflects the need to resist the idea that architecture always necessitates physical manifestation.

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