FORMA_Sherman Residence_Interior View


Location: Brooklyn, NY
Type: Residential
Status: Built
Project Credit: Siris/Coombs Architects
Role: Daniel Markiewicz worked as a designer for SCA to develop the project from concept design through construction

This gut renovation of a townhouse is for a young, active family who needed a space that was both highly functional while also warm and welcoming. A main focus of the renovation was the kitchen which was moved to a central location on the first floor and allowed to open up to the adjacent living and dining areas. The kitchen features a floating storage wall with counter space below, providing the flanking hallway additional light and air.  In the front of the house, the dining area includes original exposed beams, while in the rear, the living room opens up generously to the backyard through a new set of glazed French doors.

D02 FORMA_Sherman Residence_Interior View2
FORMA_Sherman Residence Plans
FORMA_Sherman Residence_Construction Photo 1
FORMA_Sherman Residence_Construction Photo 2
FORMA_Sherman Residence_Construction Photo 3