Windsor Residence

Location: Brooklyn, New York
Type: Residential
Status: Competition, 2nd Place Winner, 2018
Scale: 2,900 SF
Team: Miroslava Brooks, Daniel Markiewicz

This project takes a radical approach to urban living by vertically expanding the garden level of a typical brownstone residence in Brooklyn.  ‘Lack of access to green park spaces’ is a common complaint among city dwellers. This project addresses the issue by bringing the ‘park’ right into the central atrium of the townhouse. At the bottom, a mossy, soft, undulating landscape moves across the entire site, linking the front entry with the long narrow pool at the back. As one ascends into the house via a centrally located staircase, the landscape changes gradually. The vertical walls are covered with plants, providing a central oasis through which one circulates to the various rooms of the house. More communal spaces of the house are located immediately adjacent to the stair landings, while more private rooms are accessible by short bridges that span the central greenspace. Once at the top, the roofscape opens up into a lush greenhouse whose glass enclosure allows the space to be enjoyed all year round and encourages a variety of plant species to flourish.